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  Welcome to PaperCitation.Info, a FREE Online Paper Citation Service

The service provides authors an easily accessible tool for paper citation. If you are preparing for a manuscript, this service helps you to find relevant references and to format your citation list. Currently the shared citation library includes a list of 74686 papers in the category of Vision Science. More categories can be added based on users' feedback and interests.  
As a user, you can add individual papers to the shared library. In addition, you can register and gain the privilege to upload reference lists from text files and to correct errors in reference records.

 Steps for Creating a Paper Citation List:

  • Select a topic area:
  • Go to Paper Search page to search for relevant titles.
  • Check target titles and click "Add to Booth" button.
  • Go to My Citation page, select a citation style, and download the formatted citation list in a Word file.
  • You can add more paper items by repeating steps 2 and 3.
If you have comments and suggestions, please send them via Contact Us page.
Top 10 JournalsCount
Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci.12045
Am. J. Ophthalmol.11610
Vision Res.9800
Perceptual & Motor Skills6178
Percep. & Psychophysics3938
J. Opt. Soc. Am. A3473
Curr. Eye Res.3372
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  Benefits of the Citation Service:

The web service intends to make the needs of typing in reference records less frequently and to make it easy to switch among different citation styles.
The commonly used personal library can take considerable amount of time for users to enter and to organize paper items. Our free web service attacks this problem along two approaches. One is to read in records from online resources, using a semi-automated software program. Another is to provide users a platform to enter their citation records, sharing the workloads among many users.
If you plan to submit a manuscript to a journal and change your mind later to another journal with a different citation style, it can be a pain to update the citation list. The free paper citation service makes it easy to switch among citation styles by selecting the listed styles in a dropdown list. Currently, there are several style options to choose. More styles can be added on users' request.
It is common to find errors in published reference lists due to typing errors, incorrect source data, etc. The current paper citation service let registered users to edit and correct paper records in the shared online library when they spot any error in the records. We expect the paper records to get more complete and accurate as more people are using this online service.